You can find detailed info in here about how to install WordPress step by step via cPanel.

First and foremost, be sure you have an active domain name which is associated to a web hosting service on a linux web server with cPanel subscription.

WordPress is preffered by many because it is free, secure, up to date, modern and easy to use in addition to it’s comprehensive plugin and theme support at this time.

Before starting, you will find a tutorial about how to create a web site with domain name and a web hosting service in also if you don’t have one yet.

Getting Started

There will be those basic steps along with this tutorial:

  1. Download WordPress
  2. Upload and Extract Downloaded Files
  3. Prepare Database
  4. Complete Installation

Getting WordPress

1. Go to following WordPress Download page and download the latest WordPress version.

2. Upload your downloaded WordPress zip file by cPanel File Manager or alternatively your preffered methods and refresh to see uploaded file.

3. Right click to uploaded zip file, click to Extract and select the directory in addition where to extract the files. Click the reload option or moreover refresh the page If you don’t see the file despite you upload.

If the extracted files located firstly in a folder like “wordpress”, open the folder and select all files, use move option and select the directory for installation and move all files.

Those extracted files should be at just under “public_html/” directory if you are installing WordPress especially to your site’s root domain name.

Extracted files and folders should be located at right directory

Preparing Database

4. Create a Database and a Database User. In cPanel main menu, go to Databases >> MySQL Databases.

On this page, write a database name and create a database. Create a new database user by adding a new user with password. 

Under the “Add User To Database” title select created database user and database, subsequently click Add button.

Select All Privilages and click the Make Changes button. 

Or simply description in addition to this:

  • Creating a database
  • Creating a database user with password
  • Adding that user to created database with all privilages
Now, the files and database are prepared for further installation.
Let’s keep going:

Completing WordPress Setup

5. Proceed by entering your domain name to your browser’s address bar to finally see first WordPress configuration setup page.

If you don’t see the setup page, be sure the extracted files and folders are located particularly under “public_html/” directory clearly not only in a single folder like “wordpress“.

Subsequently you can reach to setup page just writing your domain name like “”.

Select your language:

Database section prepared, Click Let’s Go:

On the database connection screen, enter your created database name, database username and password. It is not neccesary to change “Database Host” and “Table Prefix” in most case. Click Submit as well as that:

Next page should be like this, click Run the installation:

Set your web site name, and a username, password and email address too, which is neccesary for login to your wordpress management panel. Click Install WordPress button furthermore to complete the installation.

Installation should be successful after those steps followed correctly. Click Log In button or go to “” page to reach your management panel or visit your web site directly to see installed default theme as well as that.

Finally you can start to customize your web site on your WordPress management panel beside other options.

Admin panel will be look like this for WordPress 6.0.2 version:


That’s it! Your WordPress setup completed. Check our web site for other useful tips about customization.


Featured image by Souvik Banerjee on Unsplash